Each Sasol GTC Championship race weekend comprises of Friday Practice and Qualifying, with two (2) races held on Saturday. Except where force majeure dictates otherwise or the GTC Africa organising committee allows. Races are not less than 40km in length, and comprise of rolling starts behind the Pace Car. Starting positions for Race 1, across both classes, are determined by a competitors’ fastest qualifying lap time , with Race 2 being a reverse grid format within each class.

There will be only one Champion in 2018, of which will be determined by the driver who has accumulated the greatest number of points during the season. The 2018 championship dates and venues are as per the MSA Motorsport Calendar and are published here.

Scoring for all races will be taken into account in determining the championship. Points will be scored in each race as follows:

1st – 50 points | 2nd – 38 points | 3rd – 28 points | 4th – 20 points | 5th – 14 points
6th – 9 points | 7th – 6 points | 8th – 4 points | 9th – 2 points | 10th – 1 point

Additional points shall be scored, according to the results of the qualifying session:

Quickest time (pole position) – 5 points
2nd quickest time – 3 points
3rd quickest time – 1 point

Three (3) additional championship points shall be awarded to the driver setting the fastest lap time during each race in each class. Should a race be classified as an “endurance”’ race, then the points for the race will be double the amount of any other race but not for fastest laps and not for qualifying.

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